The Missouri Institute for Community Health is the accrediting body for Missouri’s Voluntary Accreditation Program for Local Public Health Agencies. Since 2002, MICH has offered a low-cost solution for a path to quality improvement for agencies looking to make improvements in the way they do their business. MICH has spent the past year revising the standards to reflect the way public health is practiced in today’s world. This was achieved with the assistance and advice from over 75 public health professionals from around the state of Missouri. Please take a look at our new standards and start your own journey to public health excellence.

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Started in 2010, MICH has facilitated the development of the Missouri Public Health Practice-Based Research Network. As an Affiliate Member of the National Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN), we work collaboratively with networks of public health practitioners and academic partners to build a lasting framework for practice-based research in public health. Our common goal is to implement rigorous research that identifies the most effective ways of organizing, financing and delivering public health services while enhancing the evidence base for public health policy and practice.

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Tools & Resources

Using funding from the County Health Rankings Project, MICH developed a list of resources, web links, and tools for public health practitioners to use as they develop their health assessments, health improvement plans, performance management and quality improvement projects, and access training for their workforce.
The American Public Health Association provided funding with assistance from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to the Missouri Public Health Association and MICH to develop a quality improvement resource page. Here in one location you are able to access sample quality improvement plans, QI tools, project storyboards, and QI webinars.

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                      Missouri Institute for Community Health

Established in 2003, the Missouri Institute for Community Health (MICH) continues its core value commitment to facilitate and promote excellence in community systems for health and quality of life.  MICH delivers comprehensive accreditation and consulting services that capitalize on today’s public health environment and provide a leading edge for tomorrow’s competitive challenges.