Fees for Accreditation

Effective September 2017 – December 2023

Application Fee:  $3,600

Local public health agencies (LPHA) wanting to apply for voluntary accreditation should submit an Application.  Once the Application is received by MICH, MICH will generate an invoice for the Application Fee.  The Application fee entitles the LPHA to be assigned a MICH liaison to act as their partner as they go through the accreditation process.  Once the MICH liaison contacts the LPHA, the prerequisites will be submitted to MICH.  The liaison will review to ensure all components are met.  The liaison will then share the Dropbox file structure for document submission and other templates, tools and resources that will aid the LPHA with their accreditation journey.

Accreditation Fee: $5,400

After the LPHA has completed and submitted the Excel Standards Workbook and all required documentation, the MICH liaison will do a completeness review to ensure the documentation meets MICH’s requirements. MICH will then generate an invoice for the Accreditation fee.  Once the fee is received by MICH, the MICH liaison will select 2 public health reviewers and set the site visit date with the LPHA.  The Accreditation fees cover the cost of the MICH liaison and reviewer expenses including time and travel expenses.

Prior to the site visit, if the reviewers, after consultation with the Executive Board of MICH and the LPHA, determine the submitted documentation does not meet the standards, the site visit will be cancelled and 50% of the Accreditation fee will be released back to the LPHA.

If after a site visit is scheduled and documentation is received to MICH, a requesting agency decides to withdraw its application, 50% of the accreditation fee will be released back to the LPHA.  An agency may not withdraw an application within one week of the site visit.

Extension for Reaccreditation Fee: $1,500

An extension of up to 60 days can be granted to LPHAs who have extenuating circumstances and cannot meet their accreditation deadline.  A letter should be sent to the Executive Board of MICH explaining the circumstances for the extension, emailed to michoffice@michweb.org.  If approved, MICH will generate an invoice for the extension fee.