Established in 2003, MICH (Missouri Institute for Community Health) continues its core value commitment to facilitate and promote excellence in community systems for health and quality of life by delivering comprehensive consulting services that capitalize on today’s public health environment and provides a leading edge for tomorrow’s competitive challenges.

MICH offers a variety of consulting services to strengthen our public health infrastructure such as national accreditation readiness, assisting in community and state health assessments, health improvement planning, strategic planning, performance management and quality improvement, and leading public health research to find innovative and best practices to improve the health of our communities.

health-assessmentHealth Assessments and Improvement Planning
MICH staff have been evaluating and assessing community health needs assessments and providing health improvement planning for over 30 years.  Let our staff guide you in your own community planning processes to identify key problems and assets in your community.  Our experience includes using the most effective and evidence based tools available in public health practice today.



strategic-planningStrategic Planning
MICH helps health departments set their strategic goals, improve operational efficiency and drive high level performance, while improving customer satisfaction.  Our proven strategic planning methods leverage input from key decision makers, staff, and your community to develop a strategic plan that aligns organizational objectives for maximum results.  Our consultants are expert at helping your organization manage the rapid change and complexities inherent in today’s public health service operations.



workforce-developmentWorkforce Development
The development of a skilled and knowledgeable public health workforce is critical to the success of health departments large and small.  MICH can provide evaluation, facilitation, and technical assistance services for a wide range of workforce development projects.  We understand the public health complex array of public and private funding, as well as the importance of strong partnerships between government, nonprofits, and schools of public health.  Developing a multi-disciplinary Workforce Development Plan is critical to ensuring effective public health services that match the needs of your community.



QIPerformance Management & Quality Improvement
Over the past ten years, improving public health agency accountability and performance has been a major focus for MICH.  Through our state-based accreditation program and research we have learned what works and what doesn’t to create a high functioning health department that is both effective and efficient.  In addition, our work with the Multi-State Learning Collaborative has given us many years of experience leading health departments through their quality improvement journey.



researchPublic Health Research
Started in 2010, MICH facilitated the development of the Missouri Public Health Practice-Based Research Network.  As an Affiliate Member of the National Practice Based Research Network (PBRN), we work collaboratively with networks of public health practitioners and academic partners to build a lasting framework for practice-based research in public health.  Our common goal is to implement rigorous research that identifies the most effective ways of organizing, financing and delivering public health services, enhancing the evidence base for public health policy and practice.



accredNational Accreditation Readiness
For over ten years, MICH has been a leading organization providing state based accreditation to the state of Missouri and in assisting the National Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) develop their program.  Our staff are experienced PHAB site reviewers and have been instrumental in streamlining accreditation preparation to better position health departments to apply for accreditation.