trainer provides explanation of an in-company workshop, standingCommunity Health Assessment and Improvement planning workshops

MICH has had over 60 years of combined experience in providing workshops that will meet the needs of your health department.  Whether you are just starting out in developing your first health assessment or health improvement plan or have produced many plans over the years, MICH’s experience will make your job easier.  After our initial consultation, MICH will develop the workshop designed specifically for your health department to address your current environment.

Group of Business People Learning With the Help of Their MentorTechnical Assistance throughout the assessment and improvement planning process

MICH can provide technical assistance to your health department throughout the assessment and health improvement planning process.  MICH has experience with many national planning models; whether it is Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership (MAPP), National Public Health Performance Standards Program (NPHPSP), or Assessment Protocol for Excellence in Public Health (APEXPH), MICH will assist you in identifying the best model to suit your needs.  We will provide technical assistance through email, phone calls, webinars, and/or on-site visits.  MICH will assist with the community engagement required for accreditation by sending invitations to key stakeholders for community meetings, facilitating the community meetings, providing a report after each meeting, and helping you decide on next steps in the process.

Mobile office work conceptDevelopment of the Health Assessment and/or the Health Improvement Plan

At the end of the project, MICH will provide a comprehensive report that will detail the process you went through, stakeholder involvement, and a complete analysis of the information gathered from secondary data, primary data, community forums, and community meetings.