MICH uses Dropbox for all file sharing in our Accreditation Program.  Once you send in your application, MICH will assign you a MICH liaison.  The liaison will send you a shared file that will contain the file structure MICH wants you to use when you upload documents.

If you have not used Dropbox before, the following link is very informative:


Here are a few tips when you are using Dropbox to upload documents:

  • Highlight appropriate text in the document to indicate where the required elements are that show conformity to the measure. Reviewers will not read a 75-page document to find the one paragraph that meets the measure.  You can also indicate in the descriptor what page in the scanned document reviewers should focus their attention on.
  • Every document must be dated and must have a logo or some other identifying characteristics to show the reviewers the document is in use by the LPHA.
  • When using web screen shots, be sure to date and identify the source/link.
  • Unless otherwise stated, two examples will be required for each measure, preferably from different programs, to show the reviewers the measure is being demonstrated throughout the LPHA. LPHAs cannot upload 15 documents for one measure hoping the reviewers will find one that fits the measure.  This is why descriptors are essential so reviewers can understand the context of the documents submitted.
  • Draft documents or blank surveys will not be accepted.
  • Any document that has a signature line, such as a contract, must be signed and dated.
  • PDF documents are the preferred format. Scanned documents must be right-side up.  Sideways or upside-down documents will not be accepted.

To create a Dropbox account, click here.