Providing accreditation readiness services to local and state public health departments.

workshopPHAB Accreditation Overview and Process Workshops
MICH can provide workshops for your health department tailored to the needs identified through our innovative accreditation readiness survey. Based on our evaluation, we will design workshops to meet your specific needs. Sample workshops include PHAB Accreditation Overview, the Accreditation Process, and Standards and Measure Reviews.




teamreview2Technical Assistance throughout the Accreditation Process
MICH can provide technical assistance to your health departments throughout your accreditation journey. This can be done through email, phone calls, webinars, or on-site visits. MICH can assist with the PHAB pre-requisites, workforce development plans, performance management system development, and documentation selection.



document-review-3Documentation Reviews
With ten years of accreditation site visit experience managing a state based voluntary accreditation program and two actual PHAB site visits under our belts, Missouri Institute for Community Health is ideally suited to review your documentation before it is submitted to PHAB. It can be helpful to get an “outsiders’ view” of the documents your health department staff has selected. At the end of the review, MICH will give you a detailed feedback report highlighting your health department’s strengths and opportunities for improvement along with detailed comments on each of the standards and measures.



accreditation-roadmapStrategic Accreditation Roadmaps to guide your Accreditation Journey
Working with MICH can jump start your progress towards accreditation. By assisting your health department with a gap analysis, we can identify which Domains need critical attention first, helping you to prioritize your needs and developing a timeline with achievable milestones to keep you on the path.



When you have your documentation ready to submit to PHAB, do you wonder if it is enough, too much, meets the standards, etc. We find that an “outsiders’ review” gives you that quality control check. We can’t guarantee that you will be accredited, but we have had actual experience with the accreditation review process.



We at the Missouri Institute for Community Health can assist your health department with a gap analysis to identify where to focus your energies and design strategies to get the most effective boost with limited time and resources.We are known for helping our clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored solutions to help them achieve accreditation.