MICH has worked the past 10 years to institutionalize quality improvement processes into every day practice at public health departments.  During our seven year tenure with the Multi-State Learning Collaborative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, MICH developed workshops, resources and tools to assist health departments develop a performance management system.  MICH provides training to health departments so they can systematically collect and analyze data to track their results and to help them identify opportunities and targets for improvement.


Computer class in university with many students with laptops andPerformance Management and Quality Improvement workshops

MICH has a number of performance management and quality improvement (QI) workshops available to your health department including:

  • A Basic Overview
  • Training QI Team/Coaches
  • Completing a Performance Management Self-Assessment
  • Agency Specific Balanced Scorecard
  • Assessing Customer Satisfaction, and
  • How to involve your governing board in your Performance Management System.


working women hand writingTechnical Assistance throughout the performance management and quality improvement process

MICH can provide technical assistance to your health department as you train staff and develop your overarching performance management system.  We will do this by assisting your health department to set organizational objectives across all levels of your department, identify key indicators to measure progress toward achieving objectives on a regular basis, assign responsibility for monitoring progress and reporting, identify areas where achieving objectives requires focused quality improvement processes, and lastly ensure visible leadership for ongoing performance management.   MICH will provide meeting minutes from the planning process and technical assistance through email, phone calls, webinars, and/or on-site visits.


Total Quality Management - Magnifying Glass.Development of the Performance Management System and Quality Improvement Plan

At the end of the planning process, you will have a comprehensive written description of the department’s adopted performance management system that includes:

  • Performance standards, including goals, targets and indicators, and the communication of expectations;
  • Performance measurement including data systems and collection;
  • Progress reporting templates and the training to use them;
  • A process to use data analysis and manage change for quality improvement and to help create a learning organization.


Tools and Resources
Clipboard and toolbox with toolsClick here for more information on tools and resources that can assist you with health assessment and planning, performance management and quality improvement, and training for workforce development.