Workforce Development in public health is a way to improve health outcomes in a community by enhancing the training, skills, and performance of its public health workers.  MICH knows how critical it is to maintain a well-prepared public health workforce to help support an effective and efficient health care system.  Since MICH’s inception, we have been committed to providing the public health workforce with the standards, resources and tools needed to achieve this optimal system.


Customer Or Employees Care ConceptAnalyzing your current workforce

MICH can analyze the capacity and capability of your health department’s workforce using  nationally adopted core competencies and provide you with a plan that will address the gaps identified and some possible strategies to address them.



Administrative Assistant And Her BossIdentifying how your staff can meet the core competencies

MICH can provide technical assistance to your health department as you struggle to ensure all staff meet core competence and how to find the training required to meet the standards.  MICH developed several online public health courses and has strong ties with Missouri’s academic institutions.  Let MICH assist you in meeting Domain 8 of the PHAB National Accreditation program.


General Manager Job DescriptionCreating new job descriptions

MICH can work with you to develop job descriptions that reflect the needs of today’s public health practice.  MICH can help you develop relevant job descriptions that address quality improvement, emergency preparedness, health equity, and cultural competencies.



Workforce-Plan-e1405623403152-150x70Development of the Workforce Development Plan

At the end of the workforce analysis, MICH will provide a comprehensive Workforce Development Plan that will include a summary of the analysis, identified gaps in capacity and capabilities, along with a comprehensive training schedule and description of the material or topics to be address in the training curricula.  Addressing future needs in capacity, capabilities, and strategies to address the identified barriers as required by national accreditation will be included.


Business teamwork in the office with many hands stackedWorkforce Retention Activities

MICH can assist your health department with employee satisfaction surveys, reward and recognition programs, career ladders, promotion opportunities, and the development of supervisory and leadership mentoring programs and training.